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We support the people who are ready to go the extra mile to help where they are needed most.

Bridging Distances

The story behind the employer brand photo

Hundreds of kilometers for a moment like this one: When his patients can laugh once again, this pediatrician knows why he spends many hours each day driving around the country. His picture is one of the five new motifs for our employer brand. Here we present the stories behind the images.

Helping people in rural areas worldwide

The free treatment camp for women in Kenya, the heart clinic on wheels in Australia or the mobile health service for children in Thailand – helping people without access to medical treatment can take many forms. In places where people cannot go to the doctor, the doctors come to them.







East Africa





One of them is the pediatrician who drives many kilometers around the country each day to care for his patients. This is why this motif was photographed for our new employer brand: It illustrates how people are committed to working toward making a positive change. And that is precisely what we stand for, too.


Farsana Jakubi

We work to make sure that we actually reach those who need help – especially in places where something like visiting the doctor is not a matter of course.

“There are major gaps in health care provision, particularly outside large cities. We therefore support doctors and patients around the world with programs that offer examinations, vaccinations, simple operations and medicines”, explains Anthony Maina

Supporting people who make an impact worldwide

In Kenya we have partnered with the health ministry of Kajiado County in organizing a free medical camp to treat women with fistula. Rosemary Wairimu (24) is one of the women who underwent an operation here. She suffered from fistula after giving birth to her child.

  • Rural Africa is a beautiful place, but also far away from medical treatment. Here the doctors have to visit the people to ensure the people’s help.

Women with this disorder face social ostracism and a life in isolation: “My dignity had reached a low point in my life. I had to use diapers like a small child. The operation gave me back my dignity and a new lease of life. Now I can dream again, and even continue with my studies,” she reports.

It often takes several days to get to the doctor if people become sick in the small towns of Australia’s outback. On this continent, the distances on road signs are often four digits. “I looked at my practice one day and figured there was no reason why we couldn’t bring our services out to the people,” explains Dr. Rolf Gomes. That’s why the Queensland-based cardiologist established the “Heart of Australia” project. Today his office is a 25-meter truck weighing several tons. With diagnostic equipment and a consulting room on board, he travels to remote areas to examine people for cardiovascular disease – the most common cause of death in Australia. He covers more than 7,000 kilometers each month and has invested over AUD 1 million in the project – supported by Bayer.

In Thailand too, a mobile hospital is on the road that has enabled children to undergo eyesight tests, have glasses fitted and receive basic medical examinations. For needy children, this care is free of charge.


Dr. Rolf Gomes covers more than

7.000 kilometers

each month in rural Australia

Join us if you share our passion and our commitment to change our world for the better. Because we invent solutions that will create a sustainable future for our planet.


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  • Name:
    Bridging Distances
  • Photographer:
    Peter Ginter
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  • The story behind: Peter Ginter captures the hidden everyday heroes working relentlessly for the health of the rural population around the world. This picture shows the relief after a long expected but successful treatment for this child.
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