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Rice like the one grown in this picture is the staple diet of approximately 50 % of the world’s population.

Rice for a hungry planet

The story behind the employer brand photo

Like a work of art, the rows of rice terraces stretch as far as the eye can see. Between them two farmers carve out a path. On their shoulders they are carrying large baskets. This is the image associated with our employer branding introduced in 2014. It stands for the promise “Passion to innovate | Power to change” and the desire to develop solutions for the challenges society faces such as food supply.



Vietnam, Mekong Delta

Long My Region


Standing in his rice paddy in the southern Vietnamese district of Long My, Tran Van Tuong checks the sturdy stems of the coming harvest – he is satisfied. A few years ago, the situation was very different. His field was submerged by flood water, which destroyed most of his crop. “The harvest was just enough to feed my family,” remembers the rice grower. But hardly anything was left to be sold on the market.

  • Vietnam’s rice paddys are the food basket for entire regions. The country is the second largest rice exporter worldwide.

  • The Long My region is part of the Mekong Delta, also called the “Rice Bowl”. Approximately 14 million people are engaged in rice cultivation in this area.

  • The rice cultivation in Vietnam is seriously threatened by climate change. Millions of people are in danger of losing their jobs and their main food source.

Van Tuong could be one of the farmers on this picture illustrating our employer branding. His experiences are shared by millions of small-holders around the world: extreme weather conditions and outdated growing methods make it harder for them to produce enough food.

Better crops for more food

At the same time, the world population is rising faster than ever before and boosting demand for more and better food. Already today, one out of nine plates remains empty – we urgently need new ideas.

In 2050, about
9 billion
people who need to be fed will be living on our planet.

Our experts are working on innovative growing methods to protect seeds and crops. They are also developing new crop varieties to better suit the climatic conditions in different regions. And they are training farmers and providing them with access to knowledge and new technologies. In this way, the company is supporting farmers to increase their yield, improve the quality of their crop and at the same time is fostering sustainable farming. “These initiatives are also designed to improve farming income,” says our CropScience rice expert Mahesh Girdhar. Farmers such as Tran Van Tuong appreciate the experts’ input which they can reliably apply when working in their fields.

With projects in over 30 countries and a number of research and technology cooperation with public and private partners across the world, we are helping to drive forward sustainable change in agriculture and plans to further expand its contribution in the future – with a passion for innovation and the power to change.

Learn more about rice production

This tool allows you to learn more about certain crops by navigating through a fascinating combination of photos and videos. Just find your own way through the BIGGER PICTURE by clicking on the red or green plus signs. Red plus signs indicate a major thread of the story, while green plus signs provide interesting additional information.

“At Bayer, we want to come up with innovative solutions for the central challenges that we face today – and that’s exactly what the rice paddy image in our employer branding represents,” says Christine Knebel, responsible for Corporate Advertising and Employer Branding at Corporate Branding. She heads the Employer Branding Project together with Farsana Jakubi, Global Head of Talent Acquisition.

Join us if you share our passion and our commitment to change our world for the better. Because we invent solutions that will create a sustainable future for our planet.

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